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On Wed, 08 Sep 1999 05:30:21 Nathan Clemons wrote:
|> I am in the process of updating the website holding the drafts, etc., 
|> for the specification. The layout of the drafts has changed quite a bit
|> due to the layout Marko put the last draft in. This should be done in the
|> next hour or so, and make its way over to the section on 

My site ( is updated, checking the new
version into CVS now for

|> After this is complete, would it make sesns for the "next draft in 
|> working" to be located in CVS somewhere for the list to modify until we
|> reach an agreement for Draft 2.0?
|> --Nathan

And side note, does anyone know where there is a doc about setting CVS up
in server mode? All I can find seems to be client based.

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