Window Manager IDL?


In Matheiue Lacage's paper "The GNOME & CORBA", the table in section 5.3
lists a set of standard Gnome CORBA interfaces.  The last one listed in
the table is "Window Manager" (it's the only one that uses English for
the "interface filename" instead of actually giving a filename, e.g.,
"help-browser.idl"). Does this exist?  Has any IDL been written yet for
a window manager?

I just integrated a scwm-scheme-evaluator servant into Scwm (optionally,
of course), but it'd be nice to have a full implementation of whatever
Window Manager interface description exists.  If there isn't one, then
perhaps that's something that this group's time would be better spent
authoring as part of the next wm-spec.

As I've claimed before there are really two parts to the spec -- 1) what
hints applications should use for notifying the WM about its intended
use for the windows; and 2) IPC mechanisms to permit separate processes
to communicate usefully with the WM to do WM-like thiings. A Corba IDL
and the corresponding implementations in each GNOME-compliant window
manager is a really nice way to handle this second part.


P.S. Is anyone working on a guile backend for ORBit?  That would make
implementing the full servant for a WM IDL a piece of cake!

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