minor comments to 1.9c spec

I have only a few comments so far (still have to compare with my notes):

1. Exact semantics should be explained for:


(modality is not part of window state, it's an application specified

3. _NET_WM_STATE_ICONIFIED should be added. 

icewm will support _HIDDEN and _FULLSCREEN too.(Semantics of _HIDDEN are
the same as in OS/2 and similiar to window maker).

4. urgency hint should only be used for important notifications (icewm
implementation will be to flash the taskbar entry and the titlebar).

That's it so far.

... There is no perfect file selection dialog...
Marko.Macek@gmx.net                 http://www.kiss.uni-lj.si/~k4fr0235/

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