Any more features?


Whilst I think that the features that have been suggested in the last week
or so are good, I think that we really need to put a "feature freeze" on
our spec, and then get the thing up to a publishable standard.

The features that have been suggested are:

_NET_PING for determining if an app is still alive when closing it.
_NET_PID to give the WM access to the clients pid.
_NET_INSTANCE_ID to allow association of windows and processes.

Do we definitely want to include those 3? Are there any others?

On another point, what are we going to do about window-in-window MDI?  I
know that most people on this list hate it, but people do seem to want it
- I seem to remember Matthias saying that it was going to implemented in
KDE.  Can anyone think of any good ways of handling it? 

Does anyone have any opinions on a UTF _NET_WM_NAME property?  This is not
something I understand very well myself...



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