Draft 1.9c


I've finally put draft 1.9c up at:


I'd be grateful if people could take a look, and comment.  I have also
stuck up a list of things that still need sorting, linked from that page.
Please let me know if you think of any others.
Currently they include:

Window caption and UTF. Applications want, should and have to use unicode
for the window captions. Should we add a _NET_WM_NAME property, in utf8 or
utf16 encoding? Any better suggestions?

_NET_WM_MOVERESIZE client message. This message includes not only the x,y
co-ordinates of the mouse click, but also a resize direction. Is the
resize direction necessary? Could a window manager not derive this from
the position of the click?

What hints do we want/need to make settable by the client? or a pager?
What should be purely internal to the WM? Eg. Skip focus, winlist,
taskbar, no auto focus, ignore arrange, do not cover, lock z-order, on
top.  For this draft I have chopped _NET_WM_HINTS.  I think we need to
discuss what apps actually need to be able to set.  For example, most
window managers implement special "skip focus" rules for dealing with
panels - if a panel gets focused by default of being the only window on a
desktop, switching desktops back to a window with other windows causes the
panel to lose focus.  What I am trying to say, is that much of what is
covered by _NET_WM_HINTS can be assumed from the functional type of the
window.  Some might argue that allowing such things to be set as hints is
bad because it will reduce consistency between windows.



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