Re: Any more features?

>On another point, what are we going to do about window-in-window MDI?  I
>know that most people on this list hate it, but people do seem to want it
>- I seem to remember Matthias saying that it was going to implemented in
>KDE.  Can anyone think of any good ways of handling it? 

I guess it would require the window manager to check for a hint on all
non-top-level windows, and if necessary reparent them into frames which were
children of the original parent window (ie treat a MDI parent window like
another root window). I don't know if that's possible, but if we want
consistent behaviour between MDI windows and "real" top-level windows I guess
the MDI windows have to be managed.

Personally I think the Windows approach to MDI sucks. A good implementation of
groups (with group raising/lowering/hiding/closing) and/or multiple desktops
would be much more useful and flexible. Let's implement that properly instead.

Michael Rogers

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