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Hi all,

I've been following Vala for some time now, and am interested in
using it for embedded systems. Does anyone else have experience with
I'd like to hear both good and bad experiences.

On Tue, 11 Sep 2012 11:15:43 +0000, Adrian Stern wrote:
Hey There

I'am also very intressted in hearing about this. Does vala work on
the ARMv6 architecture?

Vala is not specific to any processor architecture. Vala code is compiled to C code, which is then compiled by GCC to machine code. GCC has good support for cross-compiling, so with a suitably powerful build system that knows how to call valac and a cross-gcc, (the autotools will do the trick if used properly) the language is not an issue.

So the more interesting question is: can and do you want to use glib? Vala is generally used with glib/gobject, and many of its features require linking against glib (which may be impractical on your embedded system, depending on the specs/requirements), but valac does have a POSIX profile, which will generate POSIX-compliant C code without the glib dependency. See

So - using Vala on an embedded system is quite possible, but if you choose to forego glib, you will have to make do without many of Vala's object-oriented features.

I have some related questions I hope to get some answers for:

Is remote debugging supported?

Vala can be debugged with gdb. gdb is the swiss army knife of debugging, embedded/remote included.

How is the IDE support? I checked the tools section of the website,
the most up to date one seemed to be MonoDevelop.

IDE support is dismal. If you want integrated editing and debugging, your options are Anjuta and MonoDevelop, and from a brief look a few months ago, Anjuta's Vala support is quite limited, and MonoDevelop's Vala support is somewhat broken. (it looks like it used to be good, and then things changed, but I don't know)

What about crash dumps, is there debugging support for them?

I'm not sure about that, but in general, you can use all features of gdb and nemiver (a graphical front-end to gdb, and probably the most pleasant Vala debugging experience around at this point) with Vala, but will be quite aware of the fact that you're actually debugging C code with Vala source line number annotations.


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