Re: [Vala] vala on a mac

wow.  This is also very helpful.  Thanks for this.

Do you happen to know if GTK3 will be maintained on OSX?  Are the bugs
you mention ones that can be squashed?  It would be great to eventually
put together a workflow that is completely cross-compilable using vala.


On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 5:29 PM, august <august alien mur at> wrote:
Thanks for this.  There's some good info in there.

I'm sure there will be some differences with GTK+3, but this gives me a
great place to starts.

fyi GTK 3 is still pretty buggy on OS X, with rendering bugs, crashes
etc, but it does work somewhat, and each new bug opened in bugzilla is
a win for all of us who are determined to stick with GTK for UI on OS
X as well :)

For integrating with the menu, dock etc, and also .app packaging, you
can find some stuff over here:

Daniel Svensson

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