Re: [Vala] Documenting 'async' / WAS: Further speculations on couroutines, generators and threads : Emulating Go's goroutines and channels in Vala

Luca Bruno wrote:
I've created a new page on the wiki trying to make the 'async' stuff
easier to understand:

Thanks for the help.
Anyway, it's better to either add that to the tutorial, or if it's a
detailed/reference doc add it to the manual. Creating new pages will make the
documentation more sparse.

I've moved the contents of Vala/AsyncMethods to Vala/Tutorial and
Vala/AsyncSamples and deleted that page.  AsyncSamples is now linked
from the documentation page.

I replaced the old "Asynchronous Methods" section in the tutorial
after checking that everything it said was covered in the new text.
The original GIO example has gone into the AsyncSamples page.  The
busy wait example seemed more confusing than helpful as the busy wait
itself made no difference to the result.

I hope this all looks okay --


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