Re: [Vala] Documenting 'async' / WAS: Further speculations on couroutines, generators and threads : Emulating Go's goroutines and channels in Vala

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 04:43:20PM -0500, Jim Peters wrote:

I've created a new page on the wiki trying to make the 'async' stuff
easier to understand:

I've added the old GIO example (updated to shutdown nicely), a
Generator example, and an example that starts a background thread.

I'm not sure what the procedure is for documentation, or who owns
what.  This page could be merged with the Tutorial if someone thinks
that is a good idea.

If there is anything incorrect, I'm happy to fix it --

Thanks for the help.
Anyway, it's better to either add that to the tutorial, or if it's a
detailed/reference doc add it to the manual. Creating new pages will make the
documentation more sparse.

-- - The Universal Operating System

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