Re: [Vala] Vala on Windows/Mac OS

I use vala on osx without any remarkable issue. Gtk2 has native quartz build which is nice, but gtk3 is still 
not well packaged at all (x11 only afaik). 

The main problem is that the ports system uses different libs from thr ones in the system which makes it hard 
for deploying apps or packaging it without depending on overninethousand packages.. But this is a gtk issue, 
not vala one.

I also used vala with native visual studio on windows and crosscompiling with mingw32.


On 17/12/2011, at 15:46, David Gomes <davidrafagomes gmail com> wrote:

I would like to know the status of Vala in other operating systems (besides
Linux). How well does it work?

What about its bindings (Gtk, for example)?


I'm writing an article on Vala for a magazine, and I need to know if I can
reference its cross-platformness as a plus.
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