Re: [Vala] Web framework in Vala

On Fri, 2011-12-09 at 16:54 +0200, Denis Kuzmenok wrote:
Sorry  for  a stupid question (for the bigger part of readers), but if
the  C++ lib says it has (C API), does it mean we can bind it like any
C library in Vala?

Yes, if a library provides a C API you should be able to create Vala
bindings for that API.

It   would   be   great   if   someone   write   vapi   for   CTPP2  (  )  template parser. It's more "clean" and is
very   fast   indeed, with precompile, includes, etc..   (that   will
  allow   using templates   compiled  in
php, perl, python, etc).
Looks cool. However it written in C++ and not used glib. Not sure how
vala deals with such stuff.

Not using glib isn't really an issue, but C++ is.

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