Re: [Vala] Web framework in Vala

On Thu, 2011-12-08 at 03:38 +0300, Antono Vasiljev wrote:
On 12/08/2011 12:57 AM, Denis Kuzmenok wrote:

It   would   be   great   if   someone   write   vapi   for   CTPP2  (  )  template parser. It's more "clean" and is
very   fast   indeed, with precompile, includes, etc..   (that   will
  allow   using templates   compiled  in
php, perl, python, etc).
Looks cool. However it written in C++ and not used glib. Not sure how
vala deals with such stuff.

Not using glib isn't really an issue, but C++ is.

I currently working on vala bindings for ctpl[1]. Ctpl uses glib and
also cashes token tree in memory. Not sure about speed but it will be
easier to reuse from vala.

CTPL looks interesting, but it is GPLv3+, which is going to be a
deal-breaker for a *lot* of software.

Another option is Clearsilver.  I used it a while back (circa 2008) in a
Vala project via a very thin C wrapper (mostly just to add reference
counting, IIRC). Looking at it now I don't think it would be too
difficult to create Vala bindings for Clearsilver... the API is a bit
unpleasant at times, but you could at least use it as the basis of a
nice Vala wrapper.

FWIW, I could probably be convinced to write the vapi.

Currently i've added autotools support for .gir generation and going to
add some annotation in order to get .gir file convertable to vapi.

Why not just have valac output a vapi directly (i.e., --vapi foo.vapi)?
Or are you talking about bindings for a C library?


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