Re: [Vala] Vala logo symbol voting

Hi Tobias, All,

        I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion here.  I find all of the
        graphics you've made to be very professional.  I really like the wing
        and definitely prefer the 2 tone graphic over glass effects.

        I was only wondering if it would be possible to see the wings with
        another text graphic below it.  The "vala" with the sharp edges kind
        of turns me off.  Vala is more of a rounded and soft word with lots
        of vowels.  It rolls off the tongue.  The graphic I see in your
        logos, however, expresses a lot of consonants and pointedness.  To
        me, the current text graphic contradicts the forgiving and welcoming
        feel of the vala language.  To me, vala takes the snagging edges out
        of programming.  It's a more human and organic language, less

        Would it be possible to round off the points on the text graphic?
        I'm not sure it would be better, but I think it would be interesting
        to see.  For sure, it will set other things in the logo out of
        balance, but it just might fit the wings better.

        best -august.

Tobias Bernard say:

Since there were no further comments on the logo drafts, I thought I'd
propose to vote on the logo symbol.
here <>'s a revised version of the logo symbol
part of my proposal document <> (alternative
download <>

I don't know how you organize votings here, so I have some questions on
What is needed to start an official voting?
Is there a some kind of a leader who offcially announces votings?
Who is allowed to vote and how many people need to vote to take a decision?

After thinking a bit more about it, I changed certain poposals, deleted
others and added new ones. Of course I tried to always keep your feedback in
mind. So here's the changes in detail:

1) Putting the symbol inside a circle for the main logo is a bad idea. In
some cases the symbol could be used this way, but as a variant, not as the
main one. This is why I deleted all proposals inside a circle.

2) The symbolism of "ancient warfare" is hard to understand. Probably too
hard to be understood instantly by most people, so I put that proposal away

3) The simplicity of the first proposal (horizontal wing) was liked by many,
so I added a similar symbol with a simple vertical wing.

4) Thanks to XY, I used your idea for proposal 04, however I am still not
sure if
 a) The V is readable
 b) The wing is recognizable

   I thought I'd let the community decide this by voting ;)

I'm looking forward to hear from you, so the votings can begin.
Of course,  any kind of feedback is welcome and any changes can be made to
the current proposals.

kind regards

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