Re: [Vala] Cross compiling vala gtk to win32

I spend some time this morning to write down some notes and upload some blobs and examples to build gtk apps 
for windows and osx.

Have fun

On 30/04/2011, at 0:44, august <august alien mur at> wrote:

I would be very interested in both the mingw cross compile instructions
and the OSx dmg creation instructions.

(Would be great to work out the GTK3 kinks too.)

best -august.

I have crosscompiled big vala+gtk (gtkaml) apps with mingw from linux to windows.

The setup is simple, but requires some tricks. 

I used to install the last gtk blobs for windows and then by setting pkgconfig, cflags and ldflags yo 
point to the directory containing the liba and include files the projects compiles just fine.

I have a zip somewhere with all this environment prepared (w32 blobs and a test program in valagtl that 
crosscompiles with 'make') .. I will have to find it because im replying thia from my phone. 

But if someone finds it interesting i can provide instructions and the zip for this.

I have also recently packaged a vala+gtkon app for osx with gtk and quartz (no x11). And stored in a 
standalone .app in a .dmg image.. 

If someone finds this interesting i can write some instructions to do it.

I still have to play with the themes (to be emedded in the .app) and i would love to switch to gtk3. If 
someone have any experience with it let me know :)


On 29/04/2011, at 17:34, Martin Leibner <mleibner tincorad com> wrote:


I'm a GNU beginner learning Vala since a couple of months and after playing
and enjoying a lot in my Ubuntu desktop installation, now I want to build
some small apps to be used by MS Windows users.
I came into MingW32, and with some efforts finally was able to build a
console-based 'HelloWorld' targeting i586-mingw32msvc
But it's getting really difficult to build a gtk-based 'HelloWorld', btw I'm
using autotools stack.

Someone could help me, maybe with a minimal gtk vala sample application
targeting w32 ?

I looked at valaide source but it uses waf and I'm not really used to it.

Thanks in advance,
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