Re: [Vala] maemo5 hildon input mode

2010/2/9 Jiří Zárevúcky <zarevucky jiri gmail com>:
pHilipp Zabel píše v Út 09. 02. 2010 v 22:05 +0100:
2010/2/9 Jiří Zárevúcky <zarevucky jiri gmail com>:
pHilipp Zabel píše v Út 09. 02. 2010 v 16:37 +0100:
On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 3:53 PM, Levi Bard
<taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak gmail com> wrote:
While this is indeed correct workaround, the Hildon binding should
probably be updated (so you get type-checking from the compiler).

In that case, can that be a different vapi so that we can still use
hildon-1 with diablo (maemo 4.x)?
Or at least keep the legacy version as hildon-1-diablo.vapi or something?

These are Maemo specific changes to GTK+ (properties of Gtk.Entry, not
of Hildon.Entry). This lead to the slightly awkward Hildon.gtk_...
helper functions. I forgot to wrap all of them - here is a patch that
adds the missing Hildon.gtk_entry_... functions to

The helper function in question is Hildon.gtk_entry_set_input_mode
(Gtk.Entry entry, Hildon.GtkInputMode mode). I guess we could also
manually add the hildon-input-mode property without accessor methods
to Hildon.Entry, but this is the official API.

You could manually specify the names of the accessors. Is there any
valid reason for binding those as ugly static methods except being
"politically correct"?

Vala doesn't let me add methods to Gtk classes from hildon-1.vapi.
Changing upstream gtk+-2.0.vapi for a vendor specific modification
doesn't seem right. What would you suggest?

I would suggest that adding vendor specific modifications to existing
classes is way too ugly


to be accepted and you should bind it to hildon
classes. How can they even add more properties to an already defined

They ship a modified GTK+ library. Hildon depends on that.
I guess we could get away with just binding the hildon_gtk_entry_*
methods to Hildon.Entry instead of Gtk.Entry. Is there a way of doing
this via metadata before the vapigen step?
But there are a few others like hildon_gtk_widget_set_theme_size or
hildon_gtk_window_set_progress_indicator that can't be mapped to
Hildon classes, as they are needed to work on Gtk.Button and
Gtk.Dialog, for example.


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