[Vala] GDB Vala patch (was: Re: Can't debug instance members easily)

في ن، 20-12-2010 عند 17:13 +0100 ، كتب Abderrahim Kitouni:
 <                في ح، 19-12-2010 عند 22:04 -0800 ، كتب Tristin Celestin:
I was going to point you at a blog post but got welcomed by a internal
server error, so for now, I'll simply link this video :

I'll try to post the latest version of the patch later.

That video looks like it implements exactly what I'd like to have, at least for 
methods. Was the same true for member variables?

Only for public fields (so neither private fields, nor properties), but
that's the only major missing thing.
Attached is the current version of the patch, it doesn't include support
for setting breakpoints, but everything else is there. It's made against
the git mirror of gdb. I've noticed that pretty printing is slightly
broken, but this shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, to anyone interested, please test it and report bugs, ideas,
kudos, whatever :-).

I don't have much time to work on it now, but I'd like to discuss
missing features and ideas to improve both the patch and valac debugging


[1] git://sources.redhat.com/git/gdb.git

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