Re: [Vala] Vala on Windows

Another possibility is to have diferent installers:
+ A complete one with vala, gtk, mingw (with the w32api file) and all the files. This option is ideal to the beginners
+ A installer with all except for mingw. This option is great for me! ;)
+ A intaller just with vala (no gtk, no pkgconfig, etc). For those who have mingw and gtk installed or for an update of vala

I could create one package with differents options:

Full : vala + gtk + wingw
Compact : vala + gtk
Custom : vala + what you want

In all cases, you can choose the directory.

It's easier to maintain a single package!

What you think about this idea?
Nicolas Joseph

Responsable de la rubrique GTK+ de /
In charge of the GTK+ section on

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