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2008/11/6 gege2061 <gege2061 redaction-developpez com>
2008/11/6 Matías De la Puente <>

Could be great to have this packege only with vala in a zip file, because mingw32, gtk for windows and others came in separate zip file. so when i have to update a version just download the zip file and unzip it in a folder.

I have separate vala in zip file: (2 Mo)

But files should be installed in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\vala\vapi\" directory. Is it better to use an installer?

You could create an installer with vala, gtk, pkgconfig and all the files that vala need to work except mingw. Then the installer could detect or select the folder of the mingw installation and add vala in that folder.

I tell this because in a previus mail to alexei i notice that is missing the w32api-3.11.tar.gz file in you vala installation, that's why don't work the -X -mwindows option.

I think that the package to windows of vala should be added to the mingw installation of course with gtk, pkgconfig, etc.  because (in my case) i have two installation of mingw i don't want this.

Another possibility is to have diferent installers:
+ A complete one with vala, gtk, mingw (with the w32api file) and all the files. This option is ideal to the beginners
+ A installer with all except for mingw. This option is great for me! ;)
+ A intaller just with vala (no gtk, no pkgconfig, etc). For those who have mingw and gtk installed or for an update of vala

The package idea is great and I congratulate to you for this work! :)

Nicolas Joseph

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