Re: [Vala] Vala on Windows

2008/3/4, Vlad Grecescu <b100dian gmail com>:
 One thought, though: you're using the cygwin deliverables. Gtk+ has
 cygwin-free binaries too, available from
 (I myself compiled all this time vala, but with mingw)

It's next step (I should install pkg-config and configure it).

2008/3/4, Vlad Grecescu <b100dian gmail com>:
 I suppose binaries will soon appear for vala on (or someone has to create
 them ?)

I think, if Vala team is ok.

2008/3/4, Vlad Grecescu <b100dian gmail com>:
 The idea is that, when you talk about development files, you need the
 lib folder of the dependencies too, their pkg-config files etc. etc.
 (On the Gtk+ site, these are the "Dev" packages). I tried to set up
 instructions too, here

Of course, It should be clarified on Vala wiki, when package will be published

2008/3/4, Vlad Grecescu <b100dian gmail com>:
One bug: you really meant "C:\Documents and Settings\All
Users\Application Data\" didn't you?
I have my Docs'n'settings somewhere else;)


Super! Code::Blocks has gdb integration right?


Nicolas Joseph

Responsable de la rubrique GTK+ de

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