[Vala] Vala and Gnome panel applets

Hi all,

I think that vala its a great language especially to write little gnome
panel applets, but I had some problems with it.

1) Bindings to relevant libraries are incomplete since gnome-panel
depends on deprecated libraries such as libbonobui. The result is that
we can define a right click menu' for the applet.

2) panel applet main function is hidden under a C macro, so we have to
write it manually, translating directly from the C header.

I've some discussion with Juerg in IRC about 1, and he thinks that an
incomplete binding to libbonoboui just for the scope of writing applets
would be fine.

So here it is my attempt to solve 1, but I think that 2 can't be fixed
without some special support from the compiler.

Have a nice day,

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