[Vala] """Verbatim strings""" vs. "string" "literal" "concatenation"


I have seen that the current Vala SVN trunk now supports verbatim
strings. That's a nice feature, but I think that the chosen triple
double-quote syntax could conflict with another feature I would love to
see in Vala someday: string literal concatenation. This would allow more
beautiful syntax formatting of long or multi-line strings, for example:

string my_string = "This is the first half of the string,\n"
                   "this is the second half";

But in that case """verbatim string""" would be interpreted as
"" (+) "verbatim string" (+) "".

The C# syntax is @"verbatim string", but I don't know if that would
conflict with the Vala syntax for using reserved keywords.

What do you think?


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