Re: [Vala] embedding c code snippet in vala source.

Jürg Billeter пишет:
On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 13:28 +0400, Alexey Lubimov wrote:
Jürg Billeter пишет:
Ok, as you agree that the null-terminated arrays should be handled,
g_strv_length example is not a real use case for the snippet support.
Can you provide a concrete example where you think it makes more sense
to use a CCode snippet than anything else?

Another case - utf8-compatible replacement for g_strndup()

string.substring is UTF-8 aware.

Thank you.

good replacement for:

./vala/valastringliteral.vala: var noquotes = value.offset (1).ndup ((uint) (value.len () - 2));


./vala/valastringliteral.vala: var noquotes = value.substring(1,value.len()-2);

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