Re: [Vala] embedding c code snippet in vala source.

Jürg Billeter пишет:
On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 13:28 +0400, Alexey Lubimov wrote:
Jürg Billeter пишет:
Ok, as you agree that the null-terminated arrays should be handled,
g_strv_length example is not a real use case for the snippet support.
Can you provide a concrete example where you think it makes more sense
to use a CCode snippet than anything else?

Another case - utf8-compatible replacement for g_strndup()

string.substring is UTF-8 aware.

You can see 15 bugs in vala-0.3.5 sources only...

Most of these look correct from a quick look. The scanner and parser use
byte offsets in most places, not character offsets, so these parts are

may be, some of this look correct, because work with ascii strings only, but not all.

for example,

var noquotes = value.offset (1).ndup ((uint) (value.len () - 2));

value.len() return number of characters;
ndup expected bytes;

Anywhere, at this moment vala break 100% support for utf8 strings in source code.


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