Re: [Usability] Appearance

Nice idea, but:

a) Themes;
c) Fonts;
d) Interface;
e) Visual Effects;
these are already in one menu (module) , so you just want to add
f)  Screensaver;
g) Splash Screen and Login Screen;

to the existing one :) and... each tab must be at least 2 button.
The first button "Install" that can import the file from each folder and the second "Delete".

improve it a bit the behavior

Besides I propose for some tab (themes, icons, Screensaver, Splash Screen, Login Screen and other) a third button "Download" for download the object from certain source ( for example)...and if you think that can be useful a forth button "Preview".

i saw the download button from kde, i think that is a great idea, it would make getting themes a lot easier (since no one has to go to the web page)
it could even have pre-made sources list that could change with online pop ratings. 

So the list becomes even shorter in the Preferences.

The label name could be Gnome Appearance Center.

I hope I have brought something useful.
bye bye

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