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 What do you think of this idea? I really like their software and I
think that even if only a few projects take advantage of making mockups
with it, it's a great story for them to enable the GNOME project.

 Please let Stormy or I know what you think :-). 

Also, I understand of course that YOU do not need such a tool. Inkscape and the likes can do the same. The idea is for everyone else (people like myself) to generate mockups to share their ideas.


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While I realize that their software doesn't use any GNOME technologies,
it is still a very useful tool that I personally use often for projects.

I was wondering if anyone thought that contacting Balsamiq and asking
them to consider donating licenses to GNOME Foundation members would be

Having used their software for quite some time, I know that the projects
we used it for had a much great user experience focus during the early
development cycles because of it.

It might be a great opportunity for GNOME to increase its emphasis on
user experience. We could for example use this software as part of some
of our outreach programs (collect feedback earlier on designs).

Please let me know what you think.

Best regards,

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