Re: [Usability] Overthinking things.

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I think in many cases having/requiring the user/"bug" submitter "talk"
directly to the developer may not be the best way of doing things. And
instead someone else should be between the two.

For example, I've seen users being asked to split their bug reports
into multiple bugs.

If the system requires users to convert a _valid_ "stuff is broken"
report into multiple bug reports, before broken stuff gets fixed, then
it just makes things less likely to be fixed. The users might actually
have alternatives they can use, so they go away and stuff stays broken.
The developer may feel that's fine with him/her, but it does not help
the project.
I completely agree with everything you have said. When I first tried to get involved in Linux that is pretty much how I assumed it worked - the community used the software, discussed it and how to improve it and then the developers take that feedback and incorporate it. It never occured to me that the users do not give any feedback or get
involved outside bug reports.

I seriously doubt there would be a lack of volunteers to sort, track and present such information based on such discussions. I can almost see (I shudder to use this example) an X-Factor style judging system where ideas and changes are discussed, and if accepted merged into the actual project plan (or submitted as a 'good idea'). Provided the judges knew what they were doing that would act as a filter between the mob and the devs.

It would certainly be nice to see the community being leveraged as more than just a
beta-test crew.

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