Re: [Usability] Gnome Research - Sociological Survey Published

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 7:25 PM, Tim McConnell <tmick1 earthlink net> wrote:
The survey is not getting many positive comments from Fedora Forums.
Some of the comments are as follows:

 "As to the usability study linked in the first post, I didn't see
anything there that could possibly influence the direction of Gnome 3.
Maybe they really ought to rethink the questions...."

"Frankly, my first thought was: "how do I know this survey is really
coming from GNOME?" It is not hosted by an official GNOME site. It is
just a spreadsheet in Google Docs that any one could put together. Even

"They just seem to be collecting data on what folks are using
Gnome/Linux for, nothing about what people WANT from Gnome 3...."

So I'm not sure that was such a great idea after all :(
However, if you were planning a second survey it does give something to
think about as far as the next line of questions and if the survey can
be viewed as being creditable.

The points are very valid. That was one of the reasons I suggested earlier to ask about working on the survey with the other teams and publishing it there. It would have given us credibility and a bigger insight on what we (not only u7y, all the other teams) want to know about users for the dev of Gnome 3.

I really think more thought should be given about things, more communication with the Gnome teams should be made, at least if we want that survey idea to go somewhere.

Guillaume Ardaud <guillaume ardaud gmail com>

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