Re: [Usability] A New Start Menu Design, which resemble windows


On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 3:42 PM, Long Gao <imgaolong gmail com> wrote:
> From the point of my view, I always want to find some good ideas from
> Windows, which I thought was totally a mistake:). The start menu might be a
> difference.

I don't think you should be looking for good ideas from Windows.
Windows is not the place where the innovation happens. Windows usually
copies what Apple (MacOSX) and others have innovated first.

So in my opinion there would be other places to look at for innovation
for desktop:
- MacOSX
- Nokia Internet tablets (N810 for example, the size constraint drives
innovation), the hildon-desktop is open source.
- Apple iPhone

I don't think Gnome should be made to function like Windows (that
would be lame), Gnome should be innovated to be a lot better than
Windows on all areas. The bar should be really high, and not on the
level of imitating Windows.

Best Regards,
Karoliina Salminen

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