Re: [Usability] File operations dialog redesign

On Apr 28, 2008, at 3:56 PM, Kirk Bridger wrote:

The only use case I can think of (because I've experienced it) is using pause to prioritize specific copying.  If we have multiple things going over the wire, and suddenly I want one to be the only thing going, to make it get there as fast as possible, I'd pause the lower priority ones.

Interesting. For that purpose, how about a "Pause All Others" button instead of a "Pause" button? That way if you wanted one task to be the only one going, instead of having to click a button for each of the *other* tasks, you'd click only one button in the section for *that* task.

(If Nautilus included such a button, probably it would be in the expandable section, since it would be needed infrequently.)

Now maybe that introduces the need for explicit prioritizing, but that seems quite a complicated solution and concept.

One possibility (which might be silly) is to allow drag-and-drop rearrangement of tasks in the progress window. That might avoid having to add extra visible elements for reordering (though there would be the usual problem with drag-and-drop, of how to make the function keyboard-accessible).

It would be easy to let this drift into something complicated that looked like a download manager, which would be ugly and cramped in the usual case of presenting just one move or copy at a time.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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