Re: [Usability] Gome is Too BIG..

>  We've done a lot of talk, is there any action that can be taken?

i have no idea, do you remember when web pages had best viewed on 800x600...
well on programs they could add and beyond... still is no use for now
programmers have to remake their applications if they are supposed to
run on different environments (pda, tv, small screens, cellphones),
but i still say that gnome as it is, it's too BIG!, see the screen
shot of Glade:

now the Gnome project made Glade, and they made the HIG, i have Glade
installed and it looks on a 1024x768 res screen and using the theme
suggested here, still is so big that you barely see the edition area
(that white space in the middle) and the window where you see the
description of the widget properties it is also really big, are they
not following their HIG, am i wrong and gnome did not made glade...
still i might write to the glade people for making the interface so
But, if they did follow HIG then there has to be something wrong with
it... just look at the screen shot, that is the way it would look on a
800x600 res. I have been reading the HIG and so far it's pretty good,
but i am not to far in it. It mike make programs intuitive and easy to
use, but not comfortable for work.

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