Re: [Usability] New dialog for handling file conflicts in Nautilus - UI review request

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 5:03 PM, Cosimo Cecchi <cosimoc gnome org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>  I wrote a dialog to improve the way Nautilus behaves when there's a
>  conflict between two files in a file operation.
>  Here you can find some screenshots:
>  The basic ideas are two:
>  - display more information about the conflicting files in the operation
>  - offer the choice to rename the destination to avoid the conflict.
>  I decided to hide the rename entry under an expander, to keep the UI
>  more polished and to avoid potential confusion to the user.
>  Also, clicking on the "Apply this action to all files" checkbox makes
>  the whole expander insensitive, as the only actions that make sense in
>  that case are "Skip" and "Replace/Merge".
>  What do you think? Any improvements/suggestions are welcomed!

Can't wait to use it, but perhaps a radio button toggling between
rename and replace is more natural, removing the expander and making
the rename text field always visible but insensitive when Replace is
the selected radio option. This would make it more consistent with
other dialogs (e.g. connect to server which does the same thing). I'm
not exactly sure how that would change the layout though, it needs a
bit more thinking then I seem capable of at the moment ;).


>  Cheers,
>  --
>  Cosimo
>  --
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