[Usability] Out of Disk Space?

I was reading this article, and stumbled upon this section:

"Now, being familiar with Linux, this cause wasn't hard to find -- like Windows, Ubuntu defaults to 'backing up' all deleted files into a 'Trash' folder, so that they can be undeleted. Checking my '.Trash' directory, hidden under the home folder, I had 7GB of data over the past seven months that could be deleted. As a whole, the 'Trash' folder idea is a nice one, except for the following: When Ubuntu told me I had run out of space, it didn't tell me I happen to have almost 7GB of data in Trash that could be deleted to free up space, and didn't offer me the option to empty it.

This is, for want of a better phrase, /bad form/. Even Windows will prompt in advance as disk space runs out to run a disk clean up and, in the process, empty the Trash."

I've only ever actually had this problem once, and didn't bother to think about it in this sense.

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