Re: [Usability] Tab consistency

On Mar 30, 2007, at 10:55 AM, Alan Horkan wrote:
Given the giant mess Firefox made of their Preferences dialog, changing it though several iterations during their 1.x cycle and flushing down the toilet years of techincal support Netscape built up,

Oh come now. Are you really defending the abomination that was Netscape's Preferences dialog? :-) They had to ditch it *sometime*, and it's understandable that it would take a while to hone its replacement.

and ending up with an interface with absolutely no flexibility to invitably add more options later,

Inevitably? Why?

I do not for a second trust that they are doing thourough usability
testing.  Harsh but I'm highly skeptical about their move to put close
buttons on every tab.

Read for yourself.

As I said when this came up only a few weeks ago I do hope Gedit upcoming versions of Gedit will change things so that Tabs go back to being an option feature unnoticed by users who do not choose to have them.

Agreed with that. I use Gedit and Bluefish and their tabs are in the way most of the time. And when I *do* have many files open simultaneously, tabs are much less convenient than a vertical list of files would be.

I admire Ubuntu for trying but they have tried out several ideas that
haven't worked out well and have since been reverted.

No comment. ;-)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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