[Usability] Tab consistency


It's very annoying that all the tab based application behave different. I think we should create a standard for tab behavior at freedesktop. The standard defines mouse and keyboard behavior. Several open source project should collaborate with each other. I suggest mozilla, kde, gnome and novells betterdesktop. The standard should be tested with usability tests (that's why i think betterdesktop.org is usefull). If the standard is defined we should ask as much as possible open source projects (if they use tabs) to implement it. Off course we provide them with the results of the usability research to convince them. If kde, gnome and mozilla agree with it, probable a lot of small programs will also use it. I hope this will lead to a very consistent tab behavior in every open source applications. Before I'm going to spend my time with it, I like to know what you think of it? 

Ubuntu is also planning tab consistency: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/tab-consistency

There are some problems with this. Terminal use ctrl-shft-t while a lot of tab based programs use ctrl-t. The problem is that nano also use  ctrl-t. I think there will be more complications like this. 


Erik Jan

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