Re: [Usability] About Me Applet

On 6/12/2007 6:19 AM, Steven Garrity wrote:
> Neil wrote:
>> Well, I think instead of getting rid of it, it should simply be used.
>> The reason it's not being used, I imagine, is because not all programs
>> are Gnome exclusive (and they shouldn't be), and this is a Gnome
>> exclusive feature.
>> One way to handle this that I can think of right now (and I haven't
>> slept in a while, so forgive me if unfogged minds find this stupid) is
>> to have a sort of unified standard for DEs to provide user information
>> and a standard way for programs to call the information from whatever DE
>> is active and then let it be used however.  [snip]
> Is this really a problem that needs to be solved, though? I'm not sure
> I enter this type of information into any of one my applications, let
> alone a whole slew of them.
> Cheers,
> Steven Garrity could easily use it and has space for it.

Besides that, like I said, I couldn't think of any applications that
used it.  (At least on Linux...)  If the availability was there, though,
applications might find use for it.  But, I agree.  It's hardly at the
top of the priority list...

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