Re: [Usability] Play/Pause or Play and Pause buttons in Jokosher

Hi list members,
David Prieto wrote:
> I have issued a couple of Totem and RB bugs on this, and think it's a
> very good question. I think the way RB handles it is the way to go
> because the "pause" state doesn't really exist if you think about it,
> it's just the absence of playing. So, having the "play" button pressed
> when playing and unpressed when not perfectly makes sense.
My experience with RB on Fedora was that if I just pressed Pause I could
not launch other music player because it blocked the channel somehow.
Sure, this is a bug - but I think maybe the programmers have implemented
pause as a pause and not as a stop on a specific location of the audio
stream? So maybe pause and stop are not implemented that differently in
software than in hardware?

And if I think about it I would decribe these like this

"Pause": Just stop playing at a specific location - it should be easy to
continue at this location
"Stop": Stop playing. If you listen to a stream reconnect.

Another thing with RB and streams: If I pause a stream RB and other
audio applications cache a bit of what is coming - If I then continue it
does not reconnect but first plays the cached part and then often looses
the stream without reconnection.

So from my experience there is a huge difference between pause and stop
for users in RB and other applications.


Thilo Pfennig
PfennigSolutions - Wiki-Systeme

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