[Usability] Play/Pause or Play and Pause buttons in Jokosher

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 21:44 -0400, Jean-Francois Arseneau wrote:
> So I've submitted bug #78025, which requests changing the "Play"
> button [in Jokosher] to "Pause" when it's playing, but as Laszlo reminded me, that's
> not according to the Gnome HIG.  Chapter 5 of the Gnome HIG specifies
> under Media Player Toolbars: "Show separate Stop and Pause buttons. Do
> not change Play to Pause while the clip is playing."  The thing is,
> I've yet to find a Gnome application that has a seperate "Play" and
> "Pause" button, nobody's actually following the Gnome HIG and if we
> would, it would eat up more space.
> Totem and Banshee both have a "Play" button that becomes "Pause" once
> some kind of media is playing, while Rhythmbox's "Play" button works
> exactly like the one in Jokosher.
> So...  What should be done?

What should be done is to involve the Gnome usability mailing list, who
are now being so asked with this mail :) 

What's the motive for the HIG's mandate to separate Play/Pause, and is
it still valid?


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