Re: [Usability] Play/Pause or Play and Pause buttons in Jokosher

> What should be done is to involve the Gnome usability mailing list, who
> are now being so asked with this mail :) 
> What's the motive for the HIG's mandate to separate Play/Pause, and is
> it still valid?

I have issued a couple of Totem and RB bugs on this, and think it's a
very good question. I think the way RB handles it is the way to go
because the "pause" state doesn't really exist if you think about it,
it's just the absence of playing. So, having the "play" button pressed
when playing and unpressed when not perfectly makes sense.

A pause button makes sense in old VCRs and even in DVDs because it's
opposed to the stop button. But there's no such difference in Totem, RB
or Jokosher, there's just playing or not playing.

Random shows a pressed button when activated, unpressed when not. Bold
in text editors shows a pressed button when activated and unpressed when
not. Why shouldn't play behave just the same?

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