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hi matthew,

Am Montag, den 19.02.2007, 17:46 -0600 schrieb Matthew Nuzum:
> For a while now I've been using Evolution as my PIM and I've noticed a
> distinction between its alarms and Outlook's reminders. It seems there
> is no concept of dismissing alarms. You can snooze them, but as the
> bug above explains, if you reboot your computer, the alarms never come
> back. You can close the alarm dialog, which in a sense,
> single-handedly dismisses all of the alarms. However you don't exactly
> get to operate on individual alarms.

well, the term "snooze" implies to only postpone it for a short time. if
you want to postpone something for a day (or something like that), i
would ask you to edit the appointment data, instead of using the snooze
function. (at least this was always my feeling about it when using evo.)

> and, by
> the way, if I snooze an alarm for 1 hour, the next time it pops up,
> it's default snooze time is set back to 5 min, where as in Outlook,
> the default time would be 1 hour, so I can continually post-pone my
> reminders in Outlook 1 hour at a time with just one click)

did you file this as a bug report? filing reports against evo can be
pretty discouraging, i know. but please do this.

> The net result is that I've actually suffered a severe loss of
> productivity by switching to Evolution from Outlook.

<irony>heh, to me it sounded like you would spend half of the day with
clicking on snooze buttons to postpone events by an hour. ;-)</irony>

> I try and file bugs for things like this, but I get frustrated when my
> bugs languish, marked as unconfirmed.

the problem is, like always, the lack of human ressources. triaging
evolution bug reports takes more time than a half-time job, trust me.


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