[Usability] date format


I'm a portuguese account with a serious addiction to Linux :).
I hate KDE with it's extremely confusing user interface and menus (for me at least).

KDE has however something that's really GOOD from my point of view: the ability to select the DATE FORMAT according to the user's preference.

I live in Portugal and our date format is ISO (yyyy-mm-dd). Since I always use all of my software in US English the date format changes automatically to the mm-dd-yyyy format which is BAD for me, and I hate it :). To make things worse I also don't use the standard ISO format, I use the yyyy/mm/dd format in Windows or KDE.

Is there a way to make it possible, in future Gnome releases, to select the date formats independently from the Language selected by the user?

Thank you for your time.


Melhores cumprimentos / Best regards

Jorge Teixeira Santos
Técnico Oficial de Contas
website: http://tvtel.pt/jmtds/
email: jmtdstoc gmail com
telephone: (+351) 931 169 732

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