[Usability] Seahorse Least Usable String [was Re: Quicky review of Seahorse encryption key manager]

> On Sep 17, 2006, at 3:21 AM, Nate Nielsen wrote: 

First off, thanks for the review of the dialogs. I've put most of your
suggestions into seahorse today. Sorry for the delay. It's been a hectic
week for me.

A few comments...

> The icon doesn't make the dialog any more understandable, consumes
> horizontal space, and makes the dialog look like an alert when it
> isn't. I suggest removing it. (Too many Gnome dialogs have unhelpful
> icons.)

Probably true, but in this case I think it provides continuity with the
previous dialog where the user chose a key type. I've removed the icon
in the upload dialog.

> > If there is already a computer you want to use this key with, you can
> set up that computer to recognize your key now.
> (Just Create the Key)      ( Cancel ) ((Create and Set Up...))

I've made this change, but too bad it looks *so* ugly with the buttons
all the same size and taking up the whole bottom of the dialog like a
bumper of a car :(

I guess usability and good looks are sometimes mutually exclusive.

> And there's another unhelpful icon. Kill! Kill! :-)


> Second, if it wasn't for the ":", I'd be at a loss for what I should
> enter in the "Computer" field. I guess many people won't understand
> the significance of ":", but nor would they know terms like
> "hostname", so I think the best way to help here is to provide an
> example under the field.

I've removed the 'port' entry all together. It's really a corner case to
connect to an SSH server that's not on port 22. And anyone who's needs
the nonstandard port can type the :XXX bit on the end of the host name
similar to how do you do it in a browser.

> I hope all this is helpful.

Yes. Thank you.

Nate Nielsen

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