Re: [Usability] Real progress screen for file-roller (Gnome Archive Manager)

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006, Bastien Nocera wrote:


> This is mainly due to the lack of useful feedback from the command-line
> utilities file-roller uses to handle the decompression. I'm sure that it
> would have a proper progress dialogue, if it weren't for the
> short-comings of the command-line utilities.

Suitable libraries do not exist for various formats but it seems strange
that file-roller doesn't use zlib directly rather than through the command

I'd really like to see unrar supported out of the box to help users get
out of yet another proprietary format.  The rar command line utilities are
not available for all platforms so there would be good pratical as well as
idealistic reasons to want to replace them with one of the alternatives
already suggested in bugzilla.


Alan Horkan

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