Re: [Usability] Indipendent workspaces.

On 9/9/06, sp82iol iol it <sp82iol iol it> wrote:
Now, I'd like to tell you about the idea: the desktop is always full of icons and changing workspaces the icons are always there; to have real workspaces instead of virtual workspaces could be confortable because all the workspaces are linked with a own desktop-folder and a own background (and Themes!!!).

This has been discussed before, but I don't think that it came to any
conclusion (let alone code) yet. Personally I think it's a good idea,
but it would be a big change and probably annoy some users.

But there's a problem: deleting a workspaces, what will happen? and the files? must I delete them or moved?

It should probably warn (like the panels) and then move all files to the trash.


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