Re: [Usability] new search/replace dialog proposal for gedit

On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Joachim Noreiko wrote:

> Is the resounding silence from the usability team due
> to everyone's fear of reawakening two mighty dragons
> that slumber in bugzilla?

No particular reason.
Been doing other things, life happens.

On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Paolo Borelli wrote:

> b) compiling is not needed, just drop the new glade file in place of the
> old one [mind you, I haven't tried, I am not sure Baptiste used all the
> proper names for the widgets fetched by libglade.

hmm, since you pointed that out I think I'll take another stab at it
and see if I can't give myself a properly working find and replace
dialog in gedit just the way I like it, even if no one else is

glade is good.  a standard API would be even better.

> I have no strong opinion... using a grid makes the dialog smaller which
> is a good thing, nontheless I personally find the vertical list easier
> to find options in (maybe it's just because I am used to it).

I have used the grid layout in my designs and neer considered using
headers for just two options.  In term of a generalised dialog not all
developers like to have the wrap around option at all, and the match case
option is meaningless in many languages too and might be hidden in some
locales so these subheadings feel unnecessary to me.  I suppose I prefer
the clear lines of it compared to the extra indentation afforded by list.
the existing design is closer to what abiword and mozilla have used in the
past so I'd be hesistant to change it.

> The grid layout may also have issues with translations with long
> strings.

If the colspan is set in glade to use all the available space that
shouldn't be an issue.


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