[Usability] Consistency Issue between EOG and gThumb

Dear All,

I am a long time GNOME user (but not a developer) and occasional reader of 
this mailing list.  This is my first post though.

I have a small usability/consistency issue, which, though rather trivial, is 
something of a "pet hate" for me.  On playing with Fedora Core 6 Test 1 last 
night, I saw it is still present in the GNOME development build 2.15.2, so I 
thought I would raise it with you.

If the user opens a graphic in gThumb and maximises it to "Full Screen" view 
(F11) and then zooms in (+ key) they can pan around the image using the 
cursors.  If they then want to move to the next or previous graphic in the 
directory, they can use the Page Up or Page Down keys.  This is all fine, so 
far as I am concerned.

Unfortunately, Eye of GNOME (EOG) has somewhat different behaviour, that makes 
the two tools inconsistent with each other.  On opening a graphic, switching 
to "Full Screen" view and zooming in, the cursors can no longer be used for 
panning around.  Instead, pressing the up, down, left or right cursors switch 
the user to the previous or next graphic in the directory.  Panning must be 
done with the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts.

My preference would definitely be that EOG be modified so that the cursors are 
used for panning, not for moving forwards and backwards between graphics.

I have a few other questions not necessarily related to usability but I 
thought I would raise them.  I am aware of the legal/patent concerns around 
playing regionally-encrypted DVDs in some nations such as the US.  I normally 
download the rpms for Xine, including the deCSS one and use that which works 
fine.  However, having installed DeCSS on my system, I still cannot use Totem 
as my player.  Does Totem need to be recompiled? It would be good to modify 
the application so that simply installing DeCSS would enable Totem to locate 
it as a plug-in, thus making the default player usable for those of us in 
countries without these legal issues by simply adding this one file.

Secondly, I am quite intrigued by Project Soylent but there is little 
information with regard to release dates on the website.  Do you have any 
indication when we will start seeing the fruits of this labour?  Will it be 
in Topaz or in a future 2.x build?

Thirdly, having seen the list of Chabada's suggestions that are currently 
being debated on this list, I can affirm that, as  an end user, I would 
definitely find all that he has suggested to be of benefit, including extra 
file information displayed in Nautilus, the Evolution mail previews and the 
use of GNOME Baker as part of the core desktop.  More explanation in 
error/information messages regarding why MP3s and the like cannot be played 
would also be a benefit in educating users, even if some people do not read 
the messages.

Finally, keep up the good work.  I would love to see GNOME gain some more 
momentum in terms of adoption by desktop users.  Keep striving for it!


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