Re: [Usability] Chabada's Suggestions

On Jun 26, 2006, at 7:49 PM, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
--- Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:
You are assuming that people read such messages. In reality, unfortunately, they don't.

Yes, they often don't. But have to assume they do and plan our UI around that assumption. Otherwise we'd have no messages at all, and probably no user documentation either.

That's a long-term goal to work towards: alerts replaced by bug fixes and better design, and "user documentation" replaced by helpful help and better design.

But that's not the issue here. The issue is, given that there is an error alert, which alert text is better: "Nautilus could not open the file because the filetype is unknown", or "&operatingsystem; cannot play MP3 files, because some countries allow software patents and Free Software cannot pay patent licenses".

Matthew Paul Thomas

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