[Usability] Chabada's Suggestions

Dear All,

I am not sure if you have seen this article (apparently it appeared on SlashDot).

The reason I am mentioning it on the usability list is that he has many ideas for the utilisation of pop-up dialogues that appear not to be too intrusive.  The idea of mail new message preview is a large usability gap, due to the time it takes users to switch back and forth between the app they are using and Evolution to determine if a message is improtant or not and the interruption to workflow this entails.

Progress notifications, information about multimedia codecs and automatic music pause would all lead to a more intuitive systemi. 

The comments about displaying more relevant data in Nautilus are also worth taking on board.  

All in all, these are some of the best practical suggestions I have seen for a long time.  I hope they provide deveopers and usability experts with food for thought.



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