Re: [Usability] Use of C-PageUp/Down to move between tabs

On 6/7/06, Bill Wohler <wohler newt com> wrote:
I think it is common to use C-PageUp and C-PageDown to move between
tabs (for example, Galeon). Is this true?

Also used by Mozilla, Firefox, Epiphany, X-Chat, and gnome-terminal,
at least.  I was planning on adding a keybinding based off it
(C-A-PageUp/PageDown) for Metacity for multiscreen (non-xinerama)
users to switch the focus between screens (see bug 101659).  So, I'd
say it's becoming fairly common.  Would be nice if there were even
greater consistency among apps in this area (gedit, for example,
doesn't play along and it took me a while to figure out the

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