Re: [Usability] Use of C-PageUp/Down to move between tabs

Elijah Newren wrote:
> On 6/7/06, Bill Wohler <wohler newt com> wrote:
>> I think it is common to use C-PageUp and C-PageDown to move between
>> tabs (for example, Galeon). Is this true?
> Also used by Mozilla, Firefox, Epiphany, X-Chat, and gnome-terminal,
> at least.

Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown is the accelerator the HIG recommend for the Gnome

> I was planning on adding a keybinding based off it
> (C-A-PageUp/PageDown) for Metacity for multiscreen (non-xinerama)
> users to switch the focus between screens (see bug 101659).  So, I'd
> say it's becoming fairly common.

Before doing that remember that Ctrl+Alt+PageUp/PageDown is the fallback
shortcut for switching tabs that is used when Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown is
not available. It's stated in the HIG (iirc) and is used, for instance,
by gedit.

> Would be nice if there were even
> greater consistency among apps in this area (gedit, for example,
> doesn't play along and it took me a while to figure out the
> keybinding).

Gedit suffers the same problem than Bill's software: the
Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown key combination is eaten by GtkTextView, at Gtk
level (for going to the next/previous paragraph, iirc). The actual
accelerator will be more discoverable in further gedit versions since
there is now a menu entry for switching tab (as there is one in
epiphany, for instance)

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